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Putting Value Back Where It Belongs

The complexity and clutter of the fresh produce supply chain works against its most important contributor — the grower; at eHarvestHub we’ve set out to change this. That’s why we say “We're putting the value back where it belongs — with the small-to-mid-size grower.”

Traceability for All

Meeting Standards as a Grower-of-Choice

“Small and mid-size growers are the only producers who can really meet the demands of “Local Food.” They are the only ones who can tell the story that will make consumers feel a connection to their food. To accomplish this, growers must adopt technology and food safety practices to gain market share of this technology-driven generation.”

Ed Treacy
VP, Supply Chain Efficiencies
Produce Marketing Association USA

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    Bacodes ensure produce is easy to identify and track, giving small growers competitive advantage
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    Notes enable sellers to share pertinent information with buyers, making business more personal
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    Familiar functions make learning and using eHarvestHub tools quick and easy

Why eHarvestHub

The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Difference

After meeting one-by-one with more than 100 farmers our mission was apparent: We needed to clear a path for small- to mid-sized growers to smarter business and increased profits. To that end we provide fresh produce growers with affordable and easy-to-use software built to manage their produce life cycle, from seeding to shipping. We are a lifetime partner — not simply a software provider — committed to helping our customers enhance the exposure and increase the value of their brands.

With eHarvestHub, small- and mid-sized growers:

Meet Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) standards
Reach more buyers
Improve brand recognition
Reduce cost and time spent on manual processes
Automate order management
Increase shipping efficiencies
Use no-cost software quickly and easily

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Beautiful Across All Devices

From the Field to the Front Office

I thought that this would be a great technology to help us keep track of our inventory. And then Food Safety Modernization Act came down the pike and all of a sudden we realized that eHarvestHub would be essential and fit perfectly with the accountability that was required of us by our buyers.
Farmer Al, Frog Hollow Farm
eHarvestHub is a fantastic company to work with. The staff is professional, helpful and friendly. They’re prompt at problem solving and helping with any issues we have. Their service is top-notch and by far one of the best. I would highly recommend eHarvestHub to anyone looking for traceability solutions.
Paul Simoni, Simoni & Massoni

The Team

Big Talent Dedicated to Small Farms


Alvaro Ramirez

CEO / Founder

We’re committed to ensuring every one of our customers has the business tools and support they need to compete and thrive in an increasingly complex marketplace. Realizing this goal requires the efforts of team members who are passionate about the work, find joy in what we do and engage in authentic relationships with each other and our community of growers, retailers, carriers and their networks of staff, clients and consumers.