About eHarvestHub

The complexity and clutter of the fresh produce supply chain works against its most important contributor — the grower; the founders of eHarvestHub have set out to change this.

Meeting one-by-one with more than 100 small-to-mid sized growers, the eHarvestHub vision was validated: If smaller farmers had the ability to comply with federal and industry regulations, compete with larger growers for retail opportunities and control the pricing and distribution of their product they could overcome obstacles to healthier business and increased profits.

The journey begins with traceability — the ability to track product from farm to store, and ultimately, to consumer. By providing free traceability technology, eHarvestHub supports small- to mid-size growers in meeting industry traceability standards (Produce Traceability Initiative, PTI) as well as the food safety regulations (Food Safety Modernization Act, FSMA).

The ability to identify and track inventory becomes a stepping stone to eHarvestHub’s marketplace — a digital portal for individual growers to list product as it becomes available for sale or multiple growers to aggregate volume and attract buyers. The hub functions as a single source for retailers to locate and buy fresh produce grown by smaller farms. Driven by a consumer preference for food that shoppers can connect to, retailers meet and exceed a strong and growing market demand.

Shipping, is a natural extension of the marketplace and fulfills the promise of eHarvestHub’s comprehensive solution. Product identified, bought and sold must move from farm to retail location. Growers can take advantage of eHarvestHub’s transportation tools to hire owner-operator truckers directly, lowering the cost of shipping and simplifying the supply chain further.

Growers can register for free at Upon completion, small- to mid-sized growers and support staff are ready to use eHarvestHub tools and apps, built specifically for them to ensure traceability and food safety, enable inventory and order management and streamline distribution and shipping.

We recently sponsored “Organic Recordkeeping,” a webinar for growers, co-produced by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC). A recording of the webinar is posted on CCOF’s website and available to attendees and others at any time.